~ Jim Sisley
I have been hunting with Bill, Joan, and Neal for over 10 years now! OBO offers some of the best bow hunting in central Ohio! Bill’s attention to details, from stand placement, entry/exit to stand sites and attempting to predict the weather more accurately than the “weather channel”, allows each hunter an opportunity to harvest a trophy whitetail. On his leases, Bill study’s deer patterns year around and he continually keeps his clients posted with his progress and forecasts for the upcoming year. OBO’s accommodations and hot meal preparation is an added bonus after a long day on stand. Now I’ve had outstanding success with OBO, harvesting several nice bucks, but more importantly are the friendships that I’ve made along the way while sharing camp with Bill, his family, and hunters from all around the country. OBO is good people, that I recommend hunting with!
~ Christopher
What an outstanding outfitter! From the moment I arrived at camp Bill, Joan and Neal made my hunt the most enjoyable I have ever been on. The genuine warmth and welcoming environment was almost too good to be true. I can guarantee that you won't have any outfitter work harder to get you in front of the buck of a lifetime. Highly recommended. Hard to leave this place and extremely easy to go back!
~ Jim
I have been hunting Ohio Bowhunting Outfitters for the past 3 years and I cannot say enough good things about them. Bill and Neal do a lot of work to make sure everything is ready to go including tree stands, marked trails, side by side transportation and trail cam pics. Bill has countless trail cameras and knows his herd from each farm by the end of summer. Everyone looks forward to the emails from Bill to see which bucks are around each farm. This is fair chase hunting, no high fences so you never know what’s going to show up but it’s nice to have a hit list. Bill’s wife Joan has dinner and dessert every night after the hunt. There’s plenty of food provided for breakfast and to pack a lunch or snacks. The accommodations and lodge are comfortable as well with lots of taxidermy. Check out the photos and see for yourself!
~ Jeff
I first booked a hunt with Bill & Joan in 2005. It was my second hunt with an outfitter. The first one was with another outfitter in Illinois in 2003 and the hunt was a total joke. To say the outfitter spoke with a forked tongue was an understatement.   Being a young man with two small children at home at time, frivolous spending wasn’t received well by my wife. OBO’s rates were low then and are still way below average price for comparable hunts. Thankfully she gave in and let me go. I’m happy to report I’ve rebooked every year for the past 13 years. And every year I’m glad I did!       Lots of things have changed in my life since that first hunt with Bill.  I’ve been fortunate to hunt whitetails in some of the best areas in the country, multiple mid-western states each year. Ain’t one of ‘em got nothing on OBO’s properties. I can honestly say each and every year I am amazed at the quality Bucks I see and the shot opportunities that present themselves. This is a direct result of the antler restrictions that were put in place way back when.     The accommodations are adequate. The food is home cooked and plentiful. The stands are purposefully placed with EMPHASIS put on wind direction and entry and exit to and from. Hunting is only second to the people I’ve met there over the years and the friendships I’ve made. I’ve taken some of my best deer there over years. And I’ve had my heart broken there over the years as well. Billy will put you on the deer but he can’t shoot ‘em for ya! Give ‘em a try, you’ll be glad you did.